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When Maggi Hambling Came To Visit

Feedback and advice from Maggi Hambling:

  • Ditch the mask and be yourself (done! see below!)

  • Move your signature to the back (done!)

  • The inks are more illustrative than paintings (good to know for my audience types)

  • Get the cardboard pieces framed (in progress)

  • And 'these' ...are very good (see below)

Paintings Maggi Hambling said were 'very good' (still not over it)

Maggi mostly praised the cardboard pieces I made when my Dad died (November 2022), and my 'souls for salaries' series that i recently started. It was also nice to see her praise my Joker portrait plus an old 'distorted news' piece I made during the first lockdown. Just to note, I have literally dreamt about meeting Maggi, and somehow, through manifestation, I ended up being acquainted with her for 3 consecutive days last week. Absolutely bonkers... full story below in a video ... without a mask!

"Numb", Acrylic and Spray paint on cardboard, framed

Maggi says "Ditch the mask", so I ditched the mask...


How did Maggi Hambling end up at my house? Full story

It is such a long story... but i've covered it in a video on instagram (click the image below).

If you don't have instagram, there is a link underneath to the same video posted on my facebook page.

This picture links to the video on my instagram account, but if you dont have instagram, here it is to facebook too:

It feels so good to ditch the mask and be more myself. I look forward to exhibiting again this year, somewhere, without the mask. I will keep you posted where I end up (I am still deciding!).

Please feel free to reach out and share your thoughts, i'd love to hear your feedback on the words that Maggi praised!

I hope you are all healthy and happy.

Best wishes,

A very maskless, Bassé

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