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Keep art about art

Lets talk about the nature of art appreciation. Indeed, art should be appreciated based on its own merits, rather than the identity of the artist who created it.

When we judge art based on the identity of the artist, we risk allowing our biases and preconceptions to influence our evaluation of the artwork. We might, for example, be more likely to appreciate a piece of art created by a famous or well-respected artist, even if the artwork itself is not particularly impressive. Similarly, we might be less likely to appreciate a piece of art created by an unknown or controversial artist, even if the artwork is masterful.

To truly appreciate art for what it is, we must be willing to set aside our biases and focus solely on the artwork itself. We should evaluate the piece based on its composition, technique, use of color, and other artistic elements, rather than the artist's identity or personal background.

Ultimately, by focusing on the art itself, we can gain a deeper appreciation for the beauty and complexity of the artwork, and allow it to speak to us on its own terms.

This is my protest, keep art about art.


Anonymous artist.

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