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I am an anonymous artist. It is my protest against art being about those artists who use their sexuality or status in the art world to get ahead.


Art should not be judged on the artist themselves. Does the art speak to you? Do you find it aesthetically pleasing? Then what does it matter how pretty we are or whether we went to art school.


Nurture the art community. Keep art about art.

- Bassé

Bassé is an artist without a plan, mostly works with ink on paper with some variations in medium, but always quite abstract “the only plan and prep I do before starting a piece is deciding a colour I fancy at that moment, from there I sink my pen into the ink well, and watch the ink bleed from nib to paper- then it’s just a dance. If I start getting locked onto a composition, I have to walk away and come back later- Otherwise it always ends up getting scrapped”.


Bassé is always asked what their abstract works are portraying, but you will never get a straight answer it seems “why would I tell people what to see? The beauty of abstract art is the fact you can interpret it how you like, if I take that away from the viewer, then what would be the point?”.


And why anonymity? “I‘m sick of seeing artists posing in front of their artwork in a provocative way, is it about them or the art work? When it comes to my work…I want this to be about my art, not who I am”.

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